Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

Our website is READY!!!! for this school year...Spirit Wear and Memberships can be purchased now!  We are always updating this info, so please keep checking back for the latest information. 



To Purchase and Customize your 2018-2019 yearbook:


Go to www.TreeRing.com/validate

Enter your School's passcode: 1015251102793589


Yearbook Price is $21  Deadline is Apr 5 2019


Questions?  Contact:  Jennifer Jagielski yearbook coordinator at weatherfordptayearbook@gmail.com


Join us for Our Oct Spirit Night!!! 

Monday October 29th @ Dairy Queen (Coit & Park)  5-7pm with the 3rd Grade teachers!





Weatherford Elementary has teamed up with Mathnasium for a fun family math night! 

Friday November 9th at 6PM

Mathnasium is bringing their staff and fun!! 


The activities are all fun, math oriented games.  The games are divided up so as to be age appropriate.  There are eight games specifically designed to be appropriate for kids aged K through Grade 2 and eight games for Grades 3 to 5.  The students will carry a “Passport” which gets stamped once they play each game.  They then hand over their fully stamped Passport (all eight games played) in exchange for a goodie bag and the Passports are then used for the raffle which will have fun prizes from the Weatherford PTA! 


We just want to remind you to shop at smile.amazon.com, PTA Texas Congress 7442 Weatherford Elementary. Shop AND support your school!


Shop at smile.amazon.com/ch/23-7427941 and Amazon donates to PTA Texas Congress 7442 Weatherford Elementary.


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How do I Volunteer and Purchase Spirit Items?

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Spirit Friday

Every Friday is Spirit Friday!  Show your school pride and wear your Spirit Wear.

Need to shop for new Spirit Wear? All spirit wear purchases can be picked up in the front office 3 business days after purchase.  

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