Box Tops for Education

You may have started to notice, Box Tops look different. Participating brands have begun to change their packaging from traditional box top clips to a new box top label. Moving forward, the new box tops will be earned digitally by scanning your receipt. 


If you have traditional box top clips at home, please bring them to school! We will still earn cash for all clipped box tops until they expire. Download the new Box Tops app below:


Box Tops for Education on Apple App Store and on Google Play.


After you have downloaded the app, simply login, type Weatherford Elementary (2941 Mollimar Drive, Plano) in the search bar and select. You can begin scanning receipts immediately. With your help we can raise money for our school and improve our kids' education.


Remember, EVERY Box Top counts!




Thank you for your continued support of Weatherford Elementary and our students!